Sports & Entertainment

A successful sports event takes more than just a worn out cheer”¦ it takes a creative and enthusiastic cheer with a large helping of experience!
The Event Doctor has been involved in sporting events for over 20 years, as a participant and as an event planner! From NBA events to local sports media events to half-time events to sports celebrity charity events, the Event Doctor’s enthusiasm, experience, and creativity has contributed to the success of many sports related events.

Sports & entertainment events require a planner with production experience and industry knowledge. With over a decade of experience, D.R. Roberts Events Management has a reputation for delivering sports and entertainment events that are both innovative and well-coordinated. We can not only arrange for celebrity speakers/participants and contract entertainment for the event; we can also develop creative event displays and “give-away” bags/prizes. And, we can effectively market your event to not only maximize attendance, but to increase your group’s visibility with its target audience. As an independent travel agent, the Event Doctor can even help get your participants to the venue.

What about the day of your event? D.R. Roberts Events Management is known for our event-day logistics! Expect the unexpected is our view. We handle those inevitable last minute challenges promptly and professionally. You can rest assured that we will plan and deliver an event expereince that positively reflects on your organization.

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