Corporate Events & Tradeshows

D. R. Roberts Event Management is committed to working with you to create a professional conference, meeting, or team-building event that exceeds your expectations. Our goal is to design a quality meeting/conference that helps you retain and gain employees and clients. Whether you need us to handle one aspect of the event, or fully plan and manage it… we can help.

We listen to your vision for the event, and ask relevant questions to ensure we understand your objectives, timeframes, event budget, and the needs of those attending the event. We’ll add creative and logistical suggestions where needed and develop a written event plan that includes realistic dates and relevant details; giving you assurance that your event is being handled competently. Our on-site coordinators work with you as a partner to make your vision of the event a reality.

In other words, you tell us what you need, and we’ll make it happen within your budget. You retain oversight of the event without the time-consuming chore of planning it yourself while juggling the other demands on your time. We have contacts nation-wide at our disposal for venues, speakers, catering, presentation displays, presentation material design…you name it. Your event will leave a lasting impression. If needed, we can assist with marketing and publicizing your event. Rest assured that our goal is to deliver a quality event that is positive reflection on your company.

Do we stop once the event is planned? No. We provide event-day logistics! We will be onsite to handle those pesky unexpected challenges that seem to afflict every effect. Our staff is experienced problem solvers; we handle these challenges promptly and professionally. We can even arrange for registration staff so that you and your team can enjoy your event.

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