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Event planning businesses and careers are unique and face different challenges. There may be times when you want to start a new event planning business, get to the next level in your business, have an experienced planner evaluate your current business, or just figure out how to make more money. Event professionals can benefit immensely from mentoring and one-on-one coaching from an experienced planner.

The one thing you want to be sure of is that you choose a coach or mentor who has achieved what you want – who are living examples of the specific successes you desire for yourself. As a professional full-service event planner for more than twenty years, I have a very successful track record in the events industry including Corporate, Wedding, Non-Profit, Sports and Special Occasions. With a loyal staff, consistent six-figure revenues, extensive press and media coverage of our events, I am confident that I can help you achieve the success you desire in your event planning business.

In my own businesses, I have always hired coaches and attended conferences to get myself and my businesses to the next level. Was it an investment? Yes, it has been an investment of both time and money. But, it’s an investment in myself and my success. Paid coaching, conferences, and training have always been 100% worth it because what I learned brought me measurable financial and business success much faster and easier than I ever could have done myself.

There are so many successful event professionals and business owners who have gone before me and have already figured out what works and what doesn’t. I have learned from both their mistakes and triumphs and you can too. As a coach for event planners, I am a completely open book about anything and everything. I am happy to share all experiences, resources, and knowledge that can help your business.

If you aren’t sure whether I am the best coach for what you need, simply schedule a consultation by clicking the button below or email me at DR@RobertsEvents.com so we can chat about where you are struggling and/or what your goals are. I would love to hear about your event planning business and how I might be able to help you.

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University of California at Berkeley Extension
San Francisco State University

“I wanted to thank the Event Doctor for all the preparation, personal conviction, inspirational messages, and overall enthusiasm and professional skill building exercises you offered in your full day course that I recently attended. It was a great class and I plan to enroll in additional courses that you’re teaching within the Events program.”

Mary, Media Sponsorship Course Participant

“Thank you SO much for your time and insight yesterday! I can’t tell you how much of a difference your advice has already made, especially to my outlook and optimism for my business. I was really hoping to have a clear sense of direction from our talk and I absolutely feel that I gained that, so thank you so so much. I will definitely reach out about future mentoring sessions!”

Lori Luddington, LSquaredvirtual.com

“The biggest thing that has come from working with Deanna as a coach is a renewed and strengthened confidence in myself and my business. She has helped me determine the best way to do things, given my strengths and weaknesses.”

Vanessa Owens , Coaching Client