Frustrated by a vision of a special event or occasion that you can’t make happen?

Or worse, you are completely frazzled trying to make it happen?
Maybe you have a special day and no idea how to make it memorable?
Or, you can make it memorable…just not within your budget!

The Event Doctor is here to help!

We can make your vision a reality while sparing you from the headache of handling of little details while juggling the other demands on your time. We have the expertise and industry contacts in many specialties to bring your vision to reality. We offer innovative ideas, themes, resources, and alternatives needed to create the desired event atmosphere without blowing your budget. With over a decade of event planning experience, the Event Doctor has resources and solutions that may just save the day. Our goal is to deliver a memorable event that meets your vision and "wows" your guests.

Don’t forget that we are there the day of the event to help alleviate those pesky last minute details that affect every event. Experts at problem-solving, D.R. Roberts Events Management is both responsive and responsible. Imagine, enjoying your special event without having to deal with any last minute issues! We want your event to be memorable for the occasion, not the distractions.


Enjoy your special day!
Contact D.R. Roberts Event Management today to plan your event.
The Doctor is in!
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